Our top of the line Mobile Vapor Blasting system saves you time and money!

Removing old anti fouling bottom paint can be a long and back breaking task.  Traditional methods of sanding and grinding can damage the gel-coat, create thin inconsistent areas, leaving a profile paint can't adhere to.

Bottom paint removal, remove paint and barnacles from the running gear, remove anti-foul paint, remove barrier coatings, and remove varnish and discoloration from teak decking

Our process safely and quickly cleans vessels and removes bottom paint without damaging the protective gel-coating over the fiberglass.  Because of how effective our process is, we able to reduce cost! 

Other Marine Maintenance

  • Expose welds for inspection and
    maintenance of steel and aluminum hulls. 
  • Remove old varnish, clean and brighten teak to almost an original color 
  • Clean running gear with years of growth and barnacle buildup without being removing from the vessel