Mobile Blasting in Virginia Beach and Hampton roads

Providing eco-friendly surface preparation, paint stripping, and surface cleaning in the Hampton Roads area.  

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Top of the Line Vapor Blasting

  • Our vapor blasting system generates less dust - 92% less airborne dust compared to traditional sandblasting, making us a cleaner and safer solution 
  • Vapor blasting can operate effectively at a lower PSI than sandblasting, removing coatings without damaging the underlying substrate
  • No use of harsh or toxic chemicals
  • Ability to blast with multiple abrasives and media, all eco-friendly and silica free

Paint Stripping, Surface Preparation and Cleaning for numerous applications

  • Full Paint Removal on Most Surfaces
  • Powder Coat Removal
  • Concrete Cleaning & Surface Prep
  • Rust, Corrosion and Mill Scale
  • Non Slip Surface and Exposed Aggregate
  • Bottom Paint Removal for Boats
  • Driveways- Stains, Coatings
  • Pavers
  • Pools and Pool Tile
  • Decks, Fences, and Hardwoods
  • Vehicle Paint Removal
  • Headers and Engine Parts
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Road Strip Removal
  • Stone, Bricks, Marble
  • Monuments and Statues
  • Factory Equipment
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Grease and Oil buildup
  • Refinery
  • Industrial 
  • Outdoor and Metal Furniture
  • Fountains

And so much more!

We come to you!

Our mobile unit allows us to bring Beach Eco Blasting to you regardless of project size.  We provide mobile blasting in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area.

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